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Our Capacity

Investment Grade Energy Auditing (IGA)

Energy audit service is a key part of our dedicated energy services and a first step towards a comprehensive energy management strategy and energy improvement. The Scope of Work for the Investment Grade Audit portion will be carried out based on ASHRAE standard. Our detailed or investment grade audit is a technical and economic analysis of potential energy saving projects in a facility that:
(1) Provides information on current energy-consuming equipment operations
(2) Identifies technically and economically feasible energy efficiency improvements for existing equipment, and
(3) Provides customers with sufficient information to judge the technical and economic feasibility of the recommended projects.
Our qualified auditors can assess your overall efficiency, offers clear actions for improvement, calculate the return on investment timelines and advise you on how to achieve optimum energy savings.


Design & Engineering

DEEP has developed a cooperation process – Integrated Energy Design (IED) which ensures the relation between form, function, architecture and sustainability. The condition for the IED process to be successful is i.e. that we are involved in the design team from the start and contribute with a close dialogue and creative sparring to find the best overall solutions for the building in question. The basic idea of IED is to make use of all the passive qualities of the building deriving from the architectural choices in order to create the best possible indoor climate using only the building itself. Hereafter the building is completed by adding installations at a minimum extent so that the building is supplied only with the necessary lighting, air conditioning, heating and cooling. By using the methods from IED, it is possible for the developer, architect, entrepreneur and engineer to cooperate on the building design, so that decisions regarding architecture, technical installations, interior design etc. are made in a systematic process. The final result is a better indoor climate, fewer visible installations, a lower energy consumption, sensible running costs and better cooperation in the design team.


Measurement & Verification

By fixing hidden faults and imperfections in buildings and installations, one can achieve a better indoor climate and energy savings. DEEP offers design and implementation of measurements including handling the data processing. In order to carry out the measurements while the building is in use, we work closely together with suppliers of consumption registrations, residents/users, and building owners.


Retrofitting and Commissioning

We’ve built up a wealth of experience specifying technology for our own projects. This is very useful for giving clients impartial specialist advice. It also means our engineers can work with equipment suppliers to prepare the technical specification and help manage design. We keep track of quality assurance to ensure equipment comes as specified, and evaluate and select the appropriate technology and continued reliability engineering to help manage risks over each project’s lifetime.

End-to- end Service